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Truffle hunting & Tasting

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Truffle hunting and tasting in San Miniato

Truffle hunting in Tuscany means taking a walk on woods in search of black or white truffles, depending on the season. San Miniato, Fauglia , Crespina, Forcoli, Capannoli, Palaia, Volterra and Lucca are just some of the areas where truffle hunters work. This is the best way to spend a day, combining trekking and tastefulness . The fresh air in the morning, breathtaking views, colourful woods, immersed in the sounds and scents of the forest. You might take a natural souvenir home, from fossils to particular stones or, depending on the season, collect mushrooms, asparagus and herbs, or sight wild animals such as foxes, deer, squirrels…Only one sign will be crucial, when the dog’s tail starts moving fast: in fact, hold breath for a moment, because we might be close to our goal! How exiting to extract the truffle from the ground and smell its unique scent !

Our tour destination is San Miniato, the most famous area in Tuscany for truffles. There you will meet the truffle hunter and his dog to take a walk in the wood searching for black/white truffles, depending in the period. You will learn tricks to recognize good truffles from fake ones, the history and legends of this ancient search and the amazing skill of the hunter and his dog. Later you will be transferred to the showroom to better appreciate this product by tasting it! You will learn how to cook and taste truffles with a good local wine.

Truffle types

The production of truffles in Tuscany is one of the most important in Italy. The collection focuses on the White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), the most valuable from September into January.All year long however, other species can be found in the region, such as the Marzuolo truffle, in March, the prized black truffle Scorzone, in the summer, and Black winter truffle. San Miniato is well know all over the world for being the area, where a truffle hunter found the biggest one, almost 3 kilos.

Truffle mania started in San Miniato

November brings truffle essence in the air…The most famous truffle fair in Tuscany is settled in San Miniato (Pisa), and takes place in November during all weekends from Friday 9th 2012. The programme is full of events, which include truffle hunting excursions with dogs, tastings and shopping. This precious tuber, better known as Tuber Magnatum.