My name is Serena and I was born and live in Viareggio, a charming town by the sea in Northern Tuscany.
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Luminara Pisa

The Luminara is one of the most exciting events during the June programme of events in Pisa. Thousands lights shine bright in shapes adorning the historical palaces facedes on the Lungarno. Around 11pm the fireworks’ show starts along the river, leaving your mounth open and chin lifted toward the sky for half an hour. Enjoy the festival around the town, fancy some tasty street food snacks in Piazza delle Vettovaglie or a late evening tour on the Leaning tower.

The most alluring traditional event in Tuscany

The day will start in Pisa around 5pm with an exciting guided tour with one of our best guides. By 8pm you will reach for the Lungarno and fancy a prosecco or spritz, while watching operations lighting up the thousands candles hanging from historical palaces facades. Let’s wait for the great show having dinner in one of the best restaurants in town and assist to fireworks show before strolling down the brighting Lungarno back to your car.