My name is Serena and I was born and live in Viareggio, a charming town by the sea in Northern Tuscany.
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My favourite posts about the Carnival of Viareggio

My favourite posts about the Carnival of Viareggio

While waiting for the Carnival of Viareggio to start, hopefully under the sun, next Sunday Feb. 12th at 3pm, let’s have a look at some past events and collect some tips on how to attend this event at best. I have often contributed with guest posts on travel blogs to promote this event and the outstanding skill of float makers. Moreover, I have sponsored a blog tour a few years ago with Italian and foreign travel bloggers and instagrammers to snap the Carnival, which produced a set of amazing pictures and videos.

Let’s have a look at some them, hoping they will drive you more interest in Viareggio and its traditional February event. Some expat friends of mine are not very keen on the Carnival, as they match it with mess, noise, pick-pocketing etc. I can’t deny a big event like this, involving around 150 thousand people at a time, is a great mess, but this is just a small part of it. As soon as you see the giant floats approaching, full of music, colours and joy, you forget about hassles.

Browsing Italy and Italy traveller blogs include the basical infos and can’t-miss experiences I listed as local Carnival fan
Too much tuscany blog has great pictures, taken on the spot
Tiana Kai is offering a full immersion in Carnival and tastes, for a great-fun experience
Martha’s Italy provides a lot of local information and reviews on places to stay, to eat and tour
Wandering Italy blog is a great help to plan your next visit to Viareggio Carnival
Jul’s Kitchen food blog offers the chance to learn one of the most typical local recipes, that you can taste during the Carneval Darsena night feasts

Last but not least, I invite you to read my post on Wall Street International Mag about the Paper-maché shop, where you can enjoy great creative workshops and learn some tricks about the paper-machè moulding.

It’s not always possible to access hangars, where floats are built, but with the right ‘intro’, you will be allowed to sneak peak and talk with builders. This is a great experience, which will allow you, along with a hands on paper-maché session, to understand better the great knowledge and multi tasking attitudes of flaot makers. Join one of our Carnival tours and have fun!

I sneak peaked in the hangar where Avanzini, one of the major float builders with paper machè in the world, is completing his huge work to parade. This year he is going to strike the public with a very strong and touching performance. Check my Instagram profile for more infos and stay tuned!