My name is Serena and I was born and live in Viareggio, a charming town by the sea in Northern Tuscany.
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Carrara marble quarries tour is meant to learn about art and marble, while tasting some of the typical products of the Apuan Alps.
The history of white blocks of marble, the most famous of the world from the quarry to artists productions. After the tour of the quarry, let’s stroll around the village of Colonnata, where tasting the local Lardo and visit a Larderia with illustrations of the techniques of production and storage in the typical marble basins.


Due to its golden beach, small villages and natural parks in the hinterland, its mild climate and its amazing nightlife and entertainments, Versilia is the ideal place for everybody’s holiday, in summer as in winter. Framed by the Apuan alps on one side and fine sandy beaches on the other side, Versilia area, set in Northern Tuscany, is located in favourable position to reach for many top interest destinations such as Lucca, Pisa, the Cinque Terre.


Visit on foot or by bicycle Piazza del Duomo and the city center! Wish Versilia offers an exhaustive explanation of the monuments and of all the main places of cultural and historical interest in the city, such as Piazza dei Cavalieri, the Lungarni, the Royal Palace and many others, adding anecdotes and curiosities about food and the Tuscan people. You can customize the itinerary according to your preferences.


What to see in Lucca? Find out with us! There are plenty of things to do in this beautiful Tuscan city that still retains its ancient walls. Amphitheater and cathedral, Puccini and botanical gardens, Lucca is an ideal destination for a weekend or for several days.


Siena is a truly unique city. Alone, in the middle of the hills, this town develops around the famous Piazza del Campo, the center of the Palio di Siena. The best way to visit it is on foot, with a guide who tells the stories of the different districts, and who makes you admire the Palazzo Pubblico, the Torre del Mangia, the black and white of the Duomo, the Baptistery and everything else. What are you waiting for?


Florence was the birthplace of many illustrious personalities and sublime minds who changed the fate of Italian culture and its language. Imagine passing by between 1400 and 1500 and greeting Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo, Lorenzo the Magnificent and Brunelleschi on the street. Reliving that magic is possible with the Wish Versilia tour!


See ancient Roman ruins and more through private tours. Visit key sites like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and see gladiator competitions of the past. Plus, stop for photo activities at the Trevi Fountain among other landmarks. Rome is one of the richest cities in monuments and museums in the world. Perfect for families, singles and couples in love.


Imagine a city stopped in time, immobile. Pompeii and its ruins offer unique sensations, at the foot of Vesuvius. With our tours you can get to know Pompeii in depth through itineraries and visits to the amphitheater and temples, or relax in the splendid spa. There is something for everyone!


Venice, the ancient city built on the sea. Its beauty given by the hundreds of salt water channels that intertwine offers tourists a unique experience in the world. Venice should be known for what is most unknown. How? Getting lost in its labyrinths and discovering typical places like the “bacari”.