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Olive oil tour in Lucca

Let’s explore the so-called Colline Lucchesi area, famous in the world for its production of DOP Extra virgin Olive oil. We will start our visit from an historical estate with magnificent gardens and villa on Lucca hilltop. Here, you will enjoy some notable biological extra virgin olive oil, directly pressed at the farm olive mill and learn about the process and characteristics of this beautiful healthy product. Here they make a very special ‘mono-cultivar’ production of olive oil, i.e. made with single varieties of olives only grown in Tuscany. You will taste the different varieties and match them with different tastes.
Later we will drive to the second farm and winery, which has a totally different story, but same passionate approach. This is a family-run company, nested on a sunshine hillock, which has embraced the biodynamic wine process and biological olive oil production. We will have a tour and tasting of their extra virgin olive oil bruschetta.

Extra virgin olive oil: no more tricks or doubts

Olive oil tours in Tuscany are available according to the different Doc areas of productions of EVOO, from Lucca to Maremma, from Chianti to Florence area. Olive oil is one of the most precious products at nutritional level, as well as among the top typical production in Italy. There are many different kinds of EVOO according to the different regions of Italy. Tuscany and particularly Lucca are famous for producing a very delicate olive oil, which can be used either cooked or raw. The latter use is characteristic of many Tuscan recipes such as fettunta, bean soup, tagliata, bruschetta, pinzimonio (veggy crudité) etc.
However, it is not easy to detect the good EVOO, especially if you are not used to taste the newest one, freshly squeezed at the mill.
Our tour will help you to learn how to distinguish among the different types of olive oil according to regions and pair them with different food, to read the labels and evaluate the good price for each bottle, to taste it properly.
We will visit an olive mill and annexed olive groves to understand the production tecniques and the way olives are harvested in different areas and by means of different tools.
A rich meal based on extra virgin olive oil will give your some final instructions on how to use extra virgin olive oil in healthy and tasteful recipes.

At the olive mill during the harvest

Olive oil wellness products

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil carries out an intense nourishing and restorative action, relieves skin dryness and gently acts as an exfoliator to restore elasticity. Fancy a wellness tour to discover the embellishing effects of natural organic products, such as Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, turned into cosmetics.

Whisversilia joins club 100 @Il Palazzone in Montalcino

Club 100 is a special project at Il Palazzone farm in Montalcino, where individuals select an olive tree on the Il Palazzone farm and receive an annual harvest of oil: three 500 ml bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As a member of Club 100, you are helping to insure the long-term viability of a small, traditional farm, preserving an agricultural heritage that dates back for centuries. Plaques bearing your name will be hand-painted by a Montalcino artist. They will be hung on the tree for the duration of your ownership.
Here is our olive tree!

Day tour
18+ Age
  • Departure

    Viareggio and Lucca area
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  • Dress Code

    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing
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    Other experiences, in Chianti, Val d'Orcia and Pisa countryside are available upon request

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