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Versilia Blog Tour 2013 – A handful of Versilia!

Versilia Blog Tour 2013 – A handful of Versilia!

Versilia Blog Tour 2013 – A handful of Versilia!

I have just finished my experience in the organization and guiding of the Versilia Blog Tour, a great five-days tour around the Versilia region in Northern Tuscany coast together with a bunch of Italian and foreign travel bloggers.

Every day was a new discovery and we had the chance to tour around the different areas and merge in many different environments from the Massaciuccoli Lake, where Giacomo Puccini lived, to the wild Natural Park and sandy beaches near La Lecciona in Viareggio, to the hills of Camaiore, to the marble quarries on the Apuan Alps, to the olive groves around Pietrasanta and the perfectly combed sea resort in Forte dei Marmi.

Here is the story of my five-days adventure through Versilia: the land of Roman finds, of fish and aromatic herbs used to cure meat, of sawdust and marble, of brass-gold and Murano glass…

A handful …of Roman finds

Massaciuccoli Romana archeological area, where Francesco ,the Archeologist introduced us to all Roman finds they recently excavated. What a thrilling experience touching pieces of pottery, glass and stone which were produced and used more than 2000 years ago…

A handful …of fish

We visited Viareggio and its harbor, getting more to know about its history and traditions in fishing.

The programme included some fish tasting paired with wine and a cooking class lead by Federica, the knowledgeable chef at Restaurant La Posteria in Viareggio.
After showing our bloggers how to master knife and hands to clear a fish, our brave food blogger Chiara, aka Forchettinagiramondo, tried the experience and fileted a weever. In fact, we learned about many other delicious fishes that live in the Tyrrhenian sea, apart from the well-known (but often breed) beam and bass. Here just a few of them: scad, gundrum and stingray which was wonderfully cooked as a soup with polenta.

A handful …of aromatic herbs

We visited Salumificio Triglia in Gombitelli a village on the hills overlooking Versilia on one side and Lucca plain on the other one. This is a family run company which is putting traditions and ancient tastes on top of their priorities and goals, bringing along the production of very typical products in Versilia area, such as ham aged with chestnut flour and “pink” lard. Though, the shop today is much more technological, than in the past, the family still preserves their own “secrets” in the mix of spices, herbs and “x” ingredients passed on by generations. It’s fun trying to guess how far your nose can go to reach subtle scents hidden by strong rosemary, garlic and thyme.

Taste and find out!

A handful…of sawdust

Camaiore, the small hamlet half way between Versilia hills and Lucca on the Francigena way, gave us the chance to visit the workshop where sawdust carpets or the “tappeti di segatura” are drafted and designed to line the streets for the Sunday celebrations of the Feast of Corpus Christi, which in 2013 fell on 2nd June.

A handful…of marble

What an amazing view from the up the Apuan Alps, where we were allowed to visit the private quarry estate at Henraux, uphill of Seravezza and Stazzema. Here you feel like you can touch the sky or fall under the weight of milky white blocks so imposing above our heads.

A handful…of wax

The very last day we visited Pietrasanta and its art shops where artists produce their own art pieces into statues, mosaics or jewels…no matter the material, they can master them all…

We enjoyed Marco Balderi’s intro to his goldsmith creations and view of life and nature reflected into its amazing jewels. He showed us is “forge shop” and the way he turns wax into brass and gold and art…

A handful…of Murano glass

At another corner in Pietrasanta, Piero Giannoni works on his mosaics since almost 60 years without a break…every day for work or pleasure…trying to outdo himself and make a picture of the most celebs’ portraits out of a mosaic. His painstaking efforts in becoming a real master in mosaic art contributes in making Pietrasanta the socalled “Little Athens”.

I am thankful to all the people that made this five days trip around Versilia possible. You will find them all listed on the Versilia Blog Tour page.

If you are looking for passion, art, excitement, wonder, come to Versilia and get a handful of it!