My name is Serena and I was born and live in Viareggio, a charming town by the sea in Northern Tuscany.
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Travel tips to Italy

Travel tips to Italy

Travel tips to Italy – Dos and Donts

There are 2 main options when travelling:

a. focussing on more destinations within a region or the entire country moving from place to place

b. focussing on one region/area staying at the same place and moving from there for day tours.

This post will focus on A option – exploring more destination within a Italy, ex.Tuscany or Northern Italy or a mix of them


  • Select Arrival and departure airport trying to avoid going back and forward on the same route
    Ex. If you are travelling around Northern Italy, you may land in Rome and depart from Milan or Venice 😉
  • Plan to spend at least 3 nights in one place, so that you can enjoy 2 full days and avoid packing/unpacking almost every day
  • Plan activities and tours in advance so that you do not waste time in line for tickets or looking for last-minute services


  • Don’t bring one big luggage, but two middle size carry-on one which can be easily stored in smaller cars or trains
  • Don’t necessarily list the most popular activities or tours, but look for alternative less touristy options, you wont’ be disappointed!
    Ex. Visting inside the Colisseum in Rome is amazing, but you can get a load of history and ancient Roman’s lifestyle by visting Ostia Antica sites. Same for Pompei vs Ercolano
  • Don’t go crazy reading hundreds posts on Facebook or blogs but call on a local expert 😉